Most business owners and business managers reserve a large chunk of their time for meetings. This is not surprising, considering that a whopping 18 million events and meetings are organized in the U.S. per year. This represents about $280 billion in expenditures. While this sounds like a lot, keep in mind that meetings can be very profitable when done right. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your conference room is in a convenient and prime location.

After all, if you start with the right environment, it’s easier to build a conference room that ensures you can conduct your meetings in a comfortable and conducive setup. Something as simple as the view can change how you experience your conference room meetings for the better. Here’s how.

Ensures a Novel Experience During Meetings

While people tend to focus and concentrate a lot during meetings, our subconscious minds are still aware of our surroundings. Therefore, having a great view can provide plenty of novelty, whether it’s a board room style conference room or some other layout.

According to science, a great view that provides novelty helps to boost the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with high spirits, alertness, and motivation. That means you can easily capture the interest and attention of your audience, and this level of engagement helps to increase the productivity of your meetings.

Provides Emotional Stimuli

Sometimes, meetings can be boring and lackluster events. However, having a great view on all sides of your board room style conference room, for instance, can help positively impact the emotions of participants. Upon walking into the conference room, a person will feel awed and impressed by the view. Some views even have a calming effect. This sensory impact can help boost everyone’s mood, which leads to more engagement and a productive day.

Brings You in Touch With the Outdoors

Because meetings are primarily an indoor event, it’s very rare that you get to enjoy the outdoors at the same time. However, a great view can help you achieve this. A great view can help you feel closer to nature and this can reduce stress and improve your attention.

As you can see, a great view from your conference room can do wonders for your day. If you need a prime location for your board room style conference room, ViewPointe Executive Suites offers offices in close proximity to Green Valley and Henderson, which has been described as one of the top locations for 2019 business startups. Get in touch with ViewPointe to learn more about our flexible leasing terms and comprehensive services.