According to HBR, executives spend about 23 hours per workweek in meetings. This is a lot of time compared to the 60s when they rarely spent more than 10 hours. Are you looking for a space to hold depositions with your executives? It’s much easier and more cost-effective to rent a meeting space from time to time rather than have several rooms that you rent every month. Here’s what you may want to know about holding depositions in privately rented meeting rooms.

Qualities of a Good Private Meeting Room

The best deposition room creates an environment that allows every participant to communicate clearly and professionally. If you have a lot of documents to prepare, a schedule to coordinate, and a court reporter to hire, you can simplify your planning processes by hiring a legal-ready deposition room. You can check out various rooms with different AV systems so you can get a space that will make you feel that the top of your game.


If you are looking to conduct a deposition meeting, you need professional facilities that come with top-notch facilities. You also need private rooms that are conveniently located. All you need to do is search by price, size, location, and availability. Most providers can allow you to book and rent in real-time. Some of the best deposition rooms are fitted with projectors, TVs, wireless internet, teleconferencing equipment, and video conferencing equipment as well. This will enable you to host your meetings and accommodate remote attendance if needed.

Host Assistance

Support is always needed. Even if nothing goes wrong, you just want to know that in the case of some equipment not functioning as it should, you have someone who can assist you so you can continue with your meetings. When choosing private rooms for deposition, it’s crucial to ask if the host is available to help get things going on the right foot. From the moment you arrive, you need someone to help you set up the equipment. You also need someone on standby to help with technical troubleshooting if you encounter issues. For instance, you can start having problems with mobile videoconferencing. Or maybe your phone is running out of battery and you need a charger.

Are you looking to rent meeting a space for conducting depositions? Get in touch with us today to learn more about what makes our private rooms awesome.