In today’s business landscape, executives spend a staggering 23 hours per workweek in meetings, as per HBR. Contrast that with the 1960s, where they rarely exceeded 10 hours in meetings. If you’re seeking a space to conduct depositions with your executives, consider the benefits of renting a meeting space as needed, rather than committing to multiple rooms on a monthly basis. Here’s what you should know about utilizing privately rented meeting rooms for depositions.


Qualities of an Ideal Deposition Room

The right deposition room sets the stage for clear and professional communication among all participants. Simplify your planning by opting for a legal-ready deposition space. Look for rooms equipped with various AV systems to ensure you feel at the top of your game while coordinating schedules, preparing documents, and hiring court reporters.


Essential Amenities

When conducting a deposition meeting, professional facilities are a must. Seek out private rooms ideally located and equipped with top-notch amenities. Search based on price, size, location, and availability, often allowing real-time booking and renting. The best deposition rooms boast projectors, TVs, wireless internet, teleconferencing, and video conferencing equipment, facilitating seamless meetings and accommodating remote attendees.


Host Assistance

Support is invaluable. Even in the absence of issues, having assistance available provides peace of mind. Ensure your chosen deposition space offers assistance, should any equipment malfunction or technical glitches arise. From setting up equipment upon arrival to troubleshooting mobile video conferencing or providing a phone charger in a pinch, having a helpful host available can make or break the smooth flow of your meetings.

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