More than 18 million events and meetings are organized in the US annually. The estimated total spending for the said meetings is approximately $280 billion. These numbers might have dipped a bit due to the ongoing pandemic, but the trend is expected to reverse.

Even with the ubiquity of digital devices and communications, many businesses still opt for face-to-face communications. In this article, we’ll outline why in-person interactions are essential and why you still need to rent a meeting space for all your serious engagements.

1. It Helps You Make a Powerful Statement

You can rent a meeting space when you need to talk to your clients and business partners. Your presence demonstrates the significance of the negotiations. It shows you could not just dismiss your clients even though you could be spending time on your business.

It is also easier to convince prospects and investors through face-to-face meetings. You can create a high-quality presentation in your virtual office that will have an impact on the investors. Being physically present allows them to ask questions and get instant feedback.

2. It Saves Time and Boosts Productivity

You may have the temptation to dismiss face-to-face meetings as time-wasters. After all, you have to travel considerable distances to get to the business suite. But regardless of your industry, you may want to consider face-to-face meetings for business negotiations.

Email communications can be time-consuming and frustrating. You can get caught up in long replies that are full of miscommunications and misrepresentation. You may want to rent meeting spaces for such situations, which you can pay by the hour.

3. It Helps Get Everyone on Board

Another benefit of meeting clients and staff in one location is that you can easily capture their attention. The physical presence of your audience forces them to focus. It is harder to get distracted by other things in the room as it is with digital communications.

You can also gauge the reactions of your staff more effectively when they are in front of you. Non-verbal cues are more straightforward to interpret than through email or even a video call. Face-to-face meetings are, therefore, more effective for bringing your team on board.

4. It Helps Build Trust and Loyalty

When you rent meeting space to meet your client, you can foster a sense of community. People are more trusting of individuals they’ve met physically than through the virtual space. You can also interact more closely, developing a personal connection with your prospects. As a result, you can build lasting relationships based on trust and loyalty.

5. It Makes it Easier to Address Sensitive issues

The biggest drawback of most digital communications is getting genuine feedback, especially on sensitive issues. Some staff members may be reluctant to share their views due to fear that the information will be compromised.

A face-to-face encounter boosts confidence to share sensitive information with other staff members. The managers can gauge the understanding of employees on critical issues that would be hard to communicate digitally. You can set aside small meeting rooms to enhance communications during difficult times.

It All Boils Down to Getting the Right Meeting Room

Face-to-face meetings are not always suitable for many situations. But you ought to acknowledge the personal touch that comes with such interactions. If you have a virtual office, you will probably need to rent a meeting space for your clients and business partners. If you are looking to rent a meeting space in Nevada, kindly contact ViewPointe, and we will be glad to help.