If you are looking for executive meeting solutions, Henderson has a solution for you. It is called ViewPointe Executive Suites, and it delivers on all your executive meeting solutions. If you have not heard of executive office rental, this may be for you.

Why you Should be Renting Executive Office Space

Some companies flourish in coworking spaces, where individuals from many industries work collaboratively in the same location, often exchanging ideas or forging new contacts. However, the coworking concept is not appropriate for all sorts of enterprises.

A small company owner is often searching for impressive business space sans signing long-term lease agreements or having to furnish leased office space with equipment and furniture. However, coworking space is not an appropriate alternative for every business since they need more privacy and prestige. Executive office rental is a great alternative. Wework.com is a great example of this.

Why Henderson, Nevada?

Henderson is sometimes thought of as a suburb of Las Vegas or a location to come back to nature after spending a lot of time in the casinos. But there’s more to this city than meets the eye. Henderson is a cost-effective location for companies in an area with a thriving startup ecosystem.

Several developed firms in the region have had profitable acquisitions or exits. Although talent scarcity might be a temporary concern in Henderson, the average cost of office space leasing is $15.31 per square foot, with a modest year-over-year decrease. Henderson is now ranked 11th.

Why use Executive Office Rental?

ViewPointe Executive Suites provides several benefits. ViewPointe Executive Suites is separated into individual private offices of varying sizes, and our business suites for rent have variable lease periods (6 months minimum).

ViewPointe Executive Services offer other great advantages such as phone numbers that have been pre-assigned and can be linked within 24 hours to have your company up and running. You and your customers will have complimentary select coffee and water, editorial, and janitorial services for a start. Other services include 24-hour surveillance and an on-premises notary public.

Executive office rental is a great way to have the offices you desire while keeping costs reasonable. It is something to look into at your next board meeting.