Each contract is different depending on long term or short term basis.  The best thing to do is to contact your leasing manager on site or electronically and state your case. If you have just signed a lease agreement and decided that it was not the best decision for you or your company at the moment, in certain circumstances the lease will just be cancelled but not without a fine. If the lease has been in effect for a couple of weeks, you will lose your security deposit and pay the prorated amount for days of usage; and/or you may be responsible to pay for the minimum lease term of three (3) months.  If that does not work, (if this option pertains to you and your company) you may need to ask your corporate office if they will pay the costs and charges for relocating you. We are reasonable and understanding, but do not take the risk to potentially damage your credit history if certain steps of the cancellation process are not addressed.

Chris, Leasing Manager – ViewPointe Executive Suites