In the face of market changes, some businesses find themselves compelled to downsize or close. To navigate these challenges and strive to keep your business afloat, I recommend considering a temporary license posting. This solution allows you to maintain your business presence without the immediate need for physical office space.

For as little as $59 per month, many executive suite centers, including ours, offer a temporary license posting service at a premier Las Vegas office building. This service encompasses mail reception, mail sorting (with forwarding upon request), access to essential business machines, and use of conference rooms. Should you require a phone line answered, a slight additional fee per month may apply.

This efficient and affordable service provides the flexibility to reorganize your business over the next several months. When you are ready, you can seamlessly transition into a small office space and gradually expand. Remember, you don’t have to give up!


Feel free to reach out to me, Chris, the Leasing Manager, for more information or assistance.


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Leasing Manager