It’s a bit overwhelming when looking at executive suite choices. Remember, the “way” you office is just as important as the location where you office or the price. You need to check out not only the center, but the management and staff as well. It’s not simply getting an office, it is getting valuable service for your monthly rent payment. It’s best to narrow your choices to 2 or 3; maybe get something close to your home so that your commute is easier; or, if you travel around the entire Valley, get something that is centrally located. The best way to find out a good location and choice is to go on line through your search engine and type in “Las Vegas Executive Suites”. Usually the top 10 choices are there on the first page and they have been rated highly and any one of them will be a good choice for you.  Do you want a location that’s easy to find for your clients?  Do you want covered parking?  Do you want to be close to the Airport or Strip? Do you want a professional image? All of these things need to be considered as well as the price. You might be surprised; sometimes the “cheapest” office is not the best choice, but the best office might be able to work with you and come within your budget. Also, always ask what’s included in the monthly rent payment. You might find an office for $600 per month, but you might have to pay extra for internet, phone answering, utilities, signage, etc. and before you know it, the price is $850! Just be careful in making your final choice. You won’t get the same price for a Class “A” suite as a Class “B” or “C” space.
Chris – Leasing Manager – ViewPointe Executive Suites