The modern executive suite has changed dramatically from its early beginnings. Over the past few years, business suites / executive suties have grown and diversified to their current status as thriving and flexible workplace solutions. Businesses worldwide are making use of these business suites for rent to have their employees work remotely.

Some companies have abandoned their offices and are now working with executive suites for rent full time. In a recent survey, around 60% of remote workers were open to the idea of taking up a full-time remote position instead of an office job at the same pay rate. With this in mind, let’s dive into some of the most popular business suite trends.

Using a Virtual Office to Launch a Business

Companies can now leverage their virtual office address and phone number when applying for funding from financial institutions. Because of that, many companies are now interested in business suites for rent. While using a virtual business address is effective, companies need to couple this service with a frequent mail forwarding service. This is because there are types of mail that need to be received and responded to immediately. For instance, mail from the secretary of state must not wait for the business suite’s standard mailing frequency.

Digital Mailboxes

Digital mail is one of the biggest emerging business suite trends we’ve seen. This technology is seriously disrupting the virtual office model favorably. The way mail is handled is an integral part of business suites. It can be a very tedious process and a labor-intensive task that is prone to human error. Nowadays, instead of using manual mail forwarding, most business suite providers are now making use of digital solutions to help provide a more efficient and error-free service to their clients.

Digital mail scans all incoming mail and notifies a client when they have received mail. It also allows the client to view photos of the mail, letting them know instantly where the mail came from. The client can access this service via a smartphone app.

Advanced Live Receptionist Services

This is another major trend in business suites. Entrepreneurs are now using this service to enhance their customer service strategy. Live receptionist services now offer the option to create customized greetings and schedule appointments.

Many business suite trends are coming up. Entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide can make use of these upcoming trends to enhance the way they do business and handle clients.