The freelance workforce growth is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. A 2017 study by the Freelancing Union estimated that over 57.3 million people were freelancing, making up 36% of the US workforce. This number is projected to hit 86.5 million by the year 2027, making freelances the majority of the US workforce at 50.9%.

The beauty of freelancing is that the workforce may not have to maintain a traditional physical office space to get work done. Virtual office rentals provide an excellent solution to freelancers that wish to have a flexible office solution to grow their business. You can work remotely while a business maintains a physical presence in a desirable location without incurring the expensive rental rates.

Here are seven vital features that freelancers should look for when choosing a virtue office.

1. Professional Business Address

One of the main advantages of a virtual office in NV is a prestigious business address that you can use on all of your correspondence. You can use the address on your business cards, websites, and socials. A professional business address in a desirable location can help create a professional image and ‘presence’ at a fraction of the rental cost.

2. Call Answering

Most virtual executive offices in Las Vegas will include a call answering and handling feature within their package. You can have a receptionist that is on hand to answer your calls with your company’s name. They can then forward important calls or messages to you for a reply. You can have peace of mind that your business operations continue seamlessly when you aren’t around.

3. On-Demand Meeting Room

For many, the concept of a virtual office is that they do not have to be physically present. However, some businesses may necessitate a physical office and meeting room for face-to-face appointments. Executive suites may allocate you conference rooms as part of the package that you can use to conduct your meetings.

4. Work Space

You can also access facilities similar to traditional offices, including co-working spaces, hot-desking, or a private office. You can access different amenities, including broadband, printers, TVs, refreshments, modern decor, and much more.

5. Personalized Voicemail

Most businesses now need to respond to calls and queries 24/7. A virtual office can provide a personalized voicemail that remains active during out-of-office hours and weekends. The personal assistants at the Las Vegas office can ensure that you do not miss out on any important calls.

6. Mail Handling and Forwarding

The NV business address may also include a post and mail service. The personal receptionist attached to your virtual office can open the mail for you, scan it, and email it to you. You can have staff that handles all your mail and deliveries without any worries. You can opt for the mail to be forwarded to you at a frequency that works best for you, daily, weekly, or monthly.

7. Administrative Services

You may require an extra hand in administrative resources for your project. Some virtual offices may provide this service at a fee. It may include transcription, data cleaning, and copy typing, among others.

A virtual office is an excellent solution to freelancers working remotely but wish to have a physical business “presence.” For executive office rentals in Las Vegas, NV, reach out to ViewPointe Executive Suites.