Entrepreneurship rates in the US have been increasing for the last two decades. Statistics from the US Small Business Administration show that there were 33.7 million small businesses in the US, accounting for 99.9% of all businesses. For budding start-ups, maintaining a full-time office space may be a tall order.

Virtual offices are an excellent alternative, allowing businesses to maintain a physical presence only when needed. They are a perfect choice for entrepreneurs and freelancers who need a flexible office solution to grow their businesses. You only need to pay rent for space and enjoy the connectivity and office amenities without the burden of expensive maintenance costs.

However, in the search to find the right executive suites in Las Vegas for their businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers often make mistakes during their rental process. Here are five things to avoid when looking for virtual offices.

1. Not Accounting For The Flexibility You Need

Every company and organization is unique, and the demands for virtual office services will vary significantly. Far more often than not, business owners fail to factor in the frequency of use for the space they wish to rent before signing the agreement. Check with the provider if the services and tenancy agreements can be amended as your business expands. You may have to find executive suites in Las Vegas that can suit your future workspace needs.

2. Confusing Coworking Spaces With Virtual Offices

It is quite easy for entrepreneurs to confuse virtual office rentals with coworking office spaces. However, virtual offices differ from the shared workspace, where you get individual offices for your firm. You can also rent a meeting space over short-term contracts, which differs from the long-term contracts for coworking spaces.

3. Not Thinking Through the Amenities You Require

Most entrepreneurs will search for a virtual office to obtain a virtual address for their business. However, rental executive suites in Las Vegas can be more than just faux offices. You may need to accurately determine the amenities that you require for your operations, including receptionists, parking spaces, connectivity, and furnished office areas.

4. Considering The Financial Aspect Alone

You may be focusing on saving your firm’s bottom line, but choosing the cheapest virtual office rental may not be in your best interests. You may have to look past the pricing at other factors such as accessibility, amenities, and future growth that need to be factored in. You may receive extra charges for services such as mail handling and forwarding, executive suites, and receptionists.

5. Micromanaging Virtual Employees

Most virtual office spaces will provide a virtual receptionist, access to an individual workspace, and a furnished conference room rental. You may need to watch out not to micromanage the virtual assistant allocated to your business. Creating clear communication channels may reduce headaches for all parties involved.

Virtual offices present an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to work remotely without the cost of managing office properties. Are you looking for executive suites Las Vegas? ViewPointe provides flexible lease terms for business suites. Contact us today to discuss your virtual office and executive office needs.