Most executive suite centers have a minimum lease term of about three months to avoid a “transient” atmosphere, which can negatively impact the business environment. If tenants are moving in and out frequently, it doesn’t create a stable or professional impression.

However, some executive suites may accommodate shorter-term needs, though typically at a higher rent and without the usual move-in incentives. While executive suites are designed for both temporary and long-term tenancy, the setup process can make very short-term stays inefficient.

If a three-month lease term is too long for your needs, consider the following alternatives:

  • Virtual Office: Provides a professional business address without a physical office space, saving you money while still maintaining a prestigious address.
  • Address Plan: Similar to a virtual office, this plan offers a business address for mail and packages without the commitment to a physical office space.

These options allow you to maintain a professional presence without the need for a physical move-in, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

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Chris Johnson, Leasing Manager – ViewPointe Executive Suites