According to the American Bar Association’s 2020 ABA Profile of the Legal Profession, the current number of lawyers in the United States stands at 1.3 million. As many more attorneys decide to embrace remote or hybrid work models, the need for virtual office space for lawyers is increasing. If you are considering a shift to one of these models, be sure to weigh the following factors when securing any virtual office space for lawyers.

Reception Services

Maintaining a successful law practice of any size requires a support staff. By choosing a virtual office that provides reception and telephone answering services, you will convey a professional image. Having a live person greet your clients and associates helps to create an atmosphere that is in line with the expectations that people have when visiting a law firm. A receptionist can also act as a gatekeeper, allowing you to focus on your core duties.

Meeting Rooms

Opting for a virtual law office that has fully-equipped conference and meeting rooms is another important choice. No one wants to have to huddle in a small space while they receive legal advice of any type. Meeting areas that are spacious and wired for telephone and video conferences allow you to communicate in a professional manner. Being able to host clients and associates such as investigators or paralegals in a comfortable and professional setting can give any legal practice a boost.


In a virtual world, connectivity is king. Online connectivity is a key necessity for a virtual office of any type. The right virtual office space for lawyers, no matter their area of practice, will include a robust broadband connection that allows them to conduct their business without interruption. Be sure to inquire about the type of internet service provided, the quality of the servers, and any downtime that has been experienced recently. Without a strong internet connection, it would be impossible to function as a professional law office. Digital security is another area to focus on. Make sure that your connection is unshared, fully secure, and robust.

More options are becoming available as virtual office space for lawyers continues to grow as a concept. It is now possible to conduct legal services almost fully online. Remember to be sure to select a spot that offers full amenities in order to maintain a professional appearance for your Las Vegas area law practice.