By 2027, freelance workers are expected to make up more than half of the workforce in the United States, according to Forbes. With the influx of freelance workers comes a lack of office space for them to work. Working at home is always an option, but it causes conflict for professions like law when clients will be frequently meeting in person with you. Luckily, coworking space for lawyers has been proven effective time and time again. Multiple lawyers working independently in a shared space provides an affordable way to work in an office space without covering the costs on your own. Below are more benefits of working in a coworking space.

1. Privacy

Though coworking spaces are shared, privacy is not an issue. The spaces are usually widespread, so sharing the space with multiple different lawyers will prove easy. Despite the close proximity, privacy is easily achievable. A coworking space for lawyers can easily have privacy screens put in to prepare for the arrival of clients or just for general privacy.

2. Confidentiality

Confidentiality may seem like a concern in coworking spaces, but similar to privacy, it’s an easy fix. Lawyers are held to an oath of confidentiality, and for the clients that are present, there is a simpler solution. As above, privacy screens are an option to split the open space into smaller, private spaces. Some locations will have small rooms that can be used as offices. Privacy screens or using separate rooms are simple solutions to getting the confidentiality you need for your clients.

3. Ownership

Coworking spaces are usually for rent, however, renting long-term provides you the ability to make your own space from the location. A coworking space for lawyers will specifically provide you with a feeling of ownership and pride over your workspace. Renting a coworking space may require a monthly payment, but it will be your personal workplace paradise.

4. Variety

The open floor plan of coworking spaces provides an infinite way to arrange your offices. With the freedom to create the organization you wish, your office will be welcoming to your clients and provide you with a setup that is best for your work style. Should you find that your current office setup is not welcoming to clients or causes conflict between workers, rearranging is a simple and easy way to fix such issues.

A coworking space for lawyers can offer flexibility, sociability, and a certain degree of formality to freelance-working environments. The shared space will provide affordable and easy-to-work-in office space for you and your fellow renters. If you’re looking for an open office space to rent, contact ViewPointe Center today to learn more!