Freelancers are well on their way to becoming the majority within the US workforce. Projections by Edelman Intelligence forecast that more than 90 million Americans will be freelancing by 2027, making approximately a 50.9% majority. The median compensation rate for the gig economy is $28, according to CNBC, which is higher than 70% of the US workers.

Executive suites are an excellent option for freelancers that wish to maintain a professional look for their company operations. A population option for virtual office rentals is co-shared spaces. Different brands may share conference rooms, kitchens, printers, and break rooms, among other amenities. Here are six etiquette rules for businesses co-shared and co-working spaces.

1. Set Clear Boundaries

Renting the executive suites may present you with the benefit of having a prestigious NV business address alongside some major brand names. One golden rule for co-shared office spaces is to respect each other’s privacy and schedules. You may need to inquire from the office manager on the rules established for all renters. Simple ground rules such as a booking system for meeting rooms and cleaning schedules for shared breakrooms can avoid chaos and enmity towards your fellow renters.

2. Keep Noise to a Minimum

Informal hangouts with fellow freelancers and other like-minded business persons make for an excellent networking opportunity. However, noisy conversations or bad habits such as tapping on desks can be annoying distractions. Ensure that you keep your phone calls and conversations with your colleagues at a low volume. If you work best listening to music, carry your headphones. A noisy conference room with your chatty business partners can be distracting to the business next door trying to fulfill their contract orders.

3. Keep Communication Channels Open

Irksome habits are bound to arise in shared executive suites. The shared virtual office rental may bring together different personalities and working styles. Keeping good relations in the shared conference room or office space comes down to clear and constant communication among the businesses and property managers. When tensions arise, disarm the situation by seeking mediation and talking about it. Some executive suites managers require that each business appoints a specific individual responsible for communications with the other tenants.

4. Be Courteous With the Conference Room

A key benefit for renting executive suites in Las Vegas is access to a boardroom-style conference room. However, depending on your lease agreement, you may have to share the space with other tenants within the office building. You may need to be courteous about the meeting room usage. Follow the booking system for the conference rooms. Avoid block-booking the meeting room for the same period each week. Additionally, you should not sneak into the conference room just because it isn’t in use. Worse, avoid converting the meeting room rental to your private office space.

5. Do Not Tamper With Property

Another etiquette rule for businesses in shared conference rooms is not to tamper with the property. Avoid adjusting the temperature or light levels if they are set properly by management. Ensure that you do not modify the workstation furniture, as it may affect future renters. In simple terms, respect everyone’s privacy and tenancy as you would like yours to be respected as well.

6. Always Clean Up After Yourself

It is essential to maintain a tidy workspace for all businesses co-sharing the executive suites. As such, always clear and clean the space after use. If you are hosting a larger business delegation, you can liaise with your office manager for a professional clean-up after the meeting.

Executive suites rental presents an excellent opportunity for start-ups and freelancers to maintain a professional image and presence. The etiquette tips above make the office space comfortable and conducive to a productive work environment for all tenants. To hire an executive business suite in Las Vegas, NV, reach out to View Pointe.