According to a survey by Freelance Union, remote workers will make up more than half of the US workforce by 2027. The labor force may achieve this milestone even quicker as businesses continue to adapt to the workplace changes brought about by the pandemic. Business professionals are trading in their corporate jobs for freedom to work wherever they please and to have better control of their workload or work schedule.

At the mention of “freelancing,” most Americans often picture someone in pajamas lounging on their couch, picking up a call every so often. The reality may be far from it. It may be less about what you wear and more about the flexibility and freedom to work in a way that produces the best work.

It means that you may still have to meet with clients and interact with your business partners. Renting out a meeting room may help you maximize your in-person interactions and grow your freelancing start-up. Here are seven reasons why you should rent a meeting space.

1. Maintain a Professional Look

First impressions matter. Especially when starting your business. You can build your brand image by meeting your clients or business partners in a furnished board room. Maintaining a professional setting can help you earn new clients and grow your company. A virtual office with a meeting room can set up your business image, setting you apart from the millions of competing freelancers.

2. Reduced Distractions

Meeting your clients in a coffee shop or your home garage can be quite distracting, to say the least. A conference room presents a quiet space for productive discussions with your business partners or customers. You do not have to worry about a waitress or your youngest daughter interrupting your pitch. You can get down to business with minimal distractions.

3. Plenty of Space

Virtual office rentals provide a wide range of meeting room options that fit your needs. You can opt for a one-day executive office rental for a two-persons meeting. If you are expecting more people to attend your pitch, you can request a larger conference room that will fit everyone. You can reduce the discomfort of fitting a small space. Plan for the number of attendees for your meeting and organize adequate space for them.

4. Privacy

Conducting business meetings in public spaces may reduce the confidentiality of the interactions. Hiring an executive meeting room reduces the worries about eavesdroppers listening to your conversations. Sensitive information about your business deal remains safe within the walls of the conference hall.

5. Upgrade Your Meeting Experience

A professional meeting room allows you to upgrade your business meetings from the usual coffee shops and local restaurants. You can take your clients or board members to a high-end conference hall. Upgrade their first impression of your company with a premium meeting space that builds trust and credibility about your brand.

6. Complementary Services

Virtual office spaces that rent out meeting rooms often provide complementary services that can enhance the experience for the attendees. Most executive conference rooms come with teleconferencing technology that allows you to host virtual attendees in your meeting. Additionally, audio-visual solutions such as projectors may allow you to prepare a better pitch to your clients and business partners. You can also organize complimentary beverages and snacks for your visitors.

7. Cut Meeting Costs

Renting an executive meeting room may help cut off unnecessary costs for your business meetings. You don’t need to rely on coffee shops anymore for quick meetings with clients and partners.

While the freelancing culture is gradually taking root among the US workforce, in-person meetings remain a critical part of conducting business. Hiring a meeting room can help you maintain a professional look while enjoying plenty of space, privacy, and additional perks. To rent a Las Vegas office with a Covid Safe meeting room, reach out to View Pointe.