Executive meeting spaces provide a fully furnished day office for businesses that make planning and executing their day-to-day tasks easier. Such a space can help with the 18 million meetings and events organized throughout the country every year and ease some of the $280 billion in spending such rooms represent. They are a versatile solution to these numbers. Here’s what you need to know about these offices.

What Executive Meeting Spaces Are Not

Some people looking for these types of meeting spaces may be confused by various similar models. For example, virtual offices are a digital service that provides a mailing address and other benefits but does not operate the same as an executive meeting space. Instead, they provide temporary meeting rooms when needed and are more of a shared office area than executive suites.

What Executive Meeting Spaces Provide

Executive meeting spaces provide a fully furnished day office for a variety of different companies. Startups and expanding businesses often utilize these services because they provide an easy transition to larger personal offices. Some use them as a secondary office space that supplements their current location and provides them with a private space to meet during business hours.

These offices provide individual private spaces of various sizes with multiple lease terms, including as short as six months. Suites include live reception services, complimentary conference room usage, signage for your business, and a prime location at a reasonable price. Many businesses find themselves thriving in this kind of setup and even end up permanently staying in them.

Businesses That May Do Well With This Space

If you’re uncertain whether this option is right for you, it is important to examine what kinds of businesses do best with executive meeting spaces. They include options like:

  • Startups just getting going who don’t have a lot of money
  • Smaller and concentrated businesses that need a compact operational space
  • Any company based on regular travel, such as sales work
  • Expanding businesses not ready to buy a new office yet

Talk to your board of directors or the business owners about executive meeting spaces before investing. Doing so can ensure that everyone is on the same page financially in this situation.

If you’re looking for a fully furnished day office for your new company or need a place to expand your operation temporarily, try an executive meeting space. They’ll give your executives a comfortable workplace with an intimate feel and a real business atmosphere.