It’s no surprise how prominent a role freelance workers play in today’s business scene. Freelancers began to make their way into the workforce years ago and now, the numbers are significantly increasing. Freelance workers will make up the majority of the US workforce by 2027, according to Forbes. Many freelancers choose to work from home, but there are many benefits to working from a fully furnished day office.

Quiet Atmosphere

The day offices are individual offices, ensuring everyone has the quiet atmosphere they need to work. There will not be kids to ask you a million questions all day, and you can easily get lost at work instead of being distracted by neighborhood noise. This is a great way to be able to concentrate without distractions.

Meeting Space

Freelancers occasionally need to have meetings. When you work with local businesses, these meetings are in person. Inviting someone to your living room for a business meeting doesn’t make the cut and extremely lacks professionalism. Instead, you can ask them to come to a fully furnished day office. This makes this an excellent option for anyone that’s looking to maintain a serious business image.

Business Expense

Self-employed individuals pay higher taxes because they don’t pay taxes on things like Social Security during the year. Often, the rental price of leasing a day office is tax deductible because it counts as a business expense. This means you won’t have to pay as many taxes at the end of the year.

Get Organized

Without a home office, it can feel like a nightmare to get organized. You have to keep track of multiple clients, invoices, and tax information and somehow find room for all the paperwork in the middle of the family room. A fully furnished day office can instantly help you organize by providing the necessary space.

Work Balance

Working from home sounds great, but it can quickly blend your work and personal life, wreaking havoc on your work-life balance. Having an office to go to daily can help you establish a routine. You’ll be able to enjoy having regular work hours, and your family will appreciate you being present when you’re home.

Our day offices are individual offices to provide you with the professionalism and privacy you need combined with the flexibility you want. Contact us for more information today.

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