Office spaces for professionals continue to evolve in today’s climate. If your growing company is utilizing a hybrid or in-office model, you’ll want to be aware of these signs that it’s time to upgrade or change your office space. According to Zippia, the average size of a co-working space in North America is estimated to be 9,799 square feet used by approximately 100.14 people. When you’re not sure if it’s time to upgrade your space, here are a few signs to look out for.

1. Desk Sharing

A productive work environment provides a dedicated space for all employees. Even if your office is on a hybrid work schedule, everyone should still have their own desk. No one wants to have to transport their belongings back and forth every day. When desk sharing is necessary due to a lack of space, it’s time to look for a new and improved office space.

2. Lower Productivity

Good productivity levels aren’t usually noticed until they start to drop off. When you’re noticing lower productivity from teams that used to deliver, the office situation could be to blame. Employees need room to meet and collaborate and have enough room to get their work done. You might start noticing more complaints from staff when the problem grows to the point where it’s no longer possible to ignore. The best fix in such a situation is to rethink your office setup.

3. Lack of Private Office Space

Every workplace should have sufficient office spaces for professionals. There are some positions that just aren’t appropriate for cubicles in an open-plan area. If the executives in your company don’t have the private space they need, it’s difficult for them to properly do their jobs. Don’t try to paper over the problem. Take a good look at the limitations of your current office space and consider the idea that a move is necessary. Having the appropriate amount and type of space for all employees is essential. This isn’t a part of work life where you can cut corners.

When office spaces for professionals become too cramped and crowded, productivity suffers. If your company’s space is feeling a bit tight, now’s the time to learn more about ViewPointe Center’s executive office suites. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our facilities and learn more about our services. We look forward to seeing you soon!