Starting a career as an attorney is an exciting journey, but it does come with its challenges. One thing that you’ll need to consider is finding an office space that can accommodate your needs as a professional that fits your budget. This can be difficult for a new lawyer, but these ideas are the perfect place to start.

Co-Working Spaces

Coworking suites for attorneys remain a popular option. They provide cost-effective solutions for all professionals, including lawyers. Coworking suits for attorneys offer shared spaces, including reception areas and meeting rooms. Renting one of these areas allows new lawyers to enjoy access to resources and the professional environment of an office for a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Offices

Lawyers that are working remotely can opt for a virtual office. In this situation, lawyers conduct many meetings virtually. Virtual office providers are available so lawyers can have professional addresses and mail handling services. Some locations offer access to meeting rooms. Another great idea is to use a virtual office and ask local coworking suites for attorneys if they rent out meeting room space as needed.


Subleasing office space from an existing law firm is an affordable way to rent office space. Established law firms that have extra rooms they are not using may be willing to sublease those areas to new attorneys. The new attorney gets office space at a discount while the other lawyers enjoy additional income.

Home Office

A home office setup is another wonderful option for attorneys that can conduct most of their work virtually. Having a dedicated workspace encourages a productive environment where new lawyers can virtually meet with clients, take care of their own administrative tasks, and conduct legal research.

Rent Spaces As Needed

While virtual offices and home offices are more cost-effective, there are drawbacks. It may be difficult to concentrate when children are home from school, and some customers will want to meet face to face. Many coworking suites for attorneys offer flexibility, so professionals can rent meeting rooms or office space as needed. According to Zippia, there were over 6,200 co-working spaces nationwide in 2022.

Using a combination of affordable options, such as a home office and renting space as needed, remains the most affordable option for new attorneys. Contact ViewPointe Center to discuss more coworking space options.