Working as a freelance lawyer can be very financially rewarding for the right person, though it may be very challenging. For instance, finding a business suite for yourself can be difficult, as can working with other lawyers. After all, according to the American Bar Association, about 1.3 million lawyers operate in America every year. Thankfully, a shared workspace can benefit you in many ways.

Make New Business Connections

Often, freelance lawyers meet other legal professionals while in co-working spaces. As a result, you can quickly make new business connections and potentially expand your service. You might find a lawyer who specializes in personal injury and you may choose to work with them on cases in the future. Working together may include gathering evidence, preparing arguments, and handling paperwork demands.

Talk With Clients More Easily

Co-working areas may make it easier for you and your team to talk with clients. Typically, clients want and need private areas or prefer working with their full legal team during meetings. Co-working areas make this easier by providing large tables with seats where you can sit and talk with your clients. In this way, you can handle your early meetings and learn more about a case more easily.

Create Brainstorming Sessions

Legal work is often very complex and may require working together in long brainstorming sessions. A co-working business suite may include a private work area that you and your legal team can rent or book permanently. These private areas let you brainstorm and create more effective and meaningful work.

Form a New Law Firm

While it might seem challenging, many lawyers work out of co-working areas and start new law firms from them. That’s because these centers often provide things like personalized phone numbers, addresses, and business cards. As your firm grows, you can eventually move to a more permanent location. This move can ensure that you get more business by creating a professional business front.

A co-working business suite can provide many benefits for freelance lawyers or those who are just beginning their careers. These shared work areas typically include a small rental fee that covers either a person’s daily, weekly, or monthly visits. For more information about co-working spaces or to establish a business suite with ViewPointe Center, be sure to give us a call today.