The rise of virtual and remote work has allowed millions to work from just about anywhere all around the world. With this shift in the workforce, coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular. The average size of a traditional coworking space in North America, according to Zippia, is approximately 9,800 feet with approximately 100 people using that space simultaneously.

Whether you own a business or you’re already working as an entrepreneur, consider the option of coworking spaces. Understanding the advantages that coworking spaces have to offer can help you to find the office that is just right for your business needs.

Professional Image

Coworking spaces are ideal for those who are looking for a professional image for their company. Running a business out of your basement versus inside of a professional office building simply looks different to prospective investors, partners, and associates.

Live Receptionist Services

With the use of a coworking space and virtual office, you can take advantage of live receptionist services. What looks more professional than a live receptionist answering the phone whenever you receive a call at work? Having access to a live receptionist can come in handy for scheduling appointments or ensuring that you are not bombarded with phone calls during any given workday.

Privacy When You Need it Most

Although coworking spaces can be thought of as spaces that are shared by hundreds of people all at once, this is not the case here. Using a coworking space still means having access to your own private and intimate space.

Business License Hanging

With coworking spaces, take advantage of the ability to hang your business licenses on the wall(s) you are currently renting and using. Hanging your business license is also an indicator of a genuine and authentic business owner.

Meeting Room Access

With the right coworking space, you can also enjoy meeting room access inside the actual building itself. Whether you’re hosting a meeting with prospective associates and partners or you are hosting a live webinar, there are many options available when you have meeting room access to your space.

Taking advantage of all that coworking spaces have to offer is a way to take your business and professional image to the next level. The right coworking space will not only provide you with the atmosphere you need, but it will also offer plenty of opportunities to network, grow, and scale even more.