Employees may not enjoy meetings if they’re required to gather in a familiar small meeting room time after time. Meetings tend to be more frequent these days: research indicates that executives are typically in meetings for 23 hours weekly, significantly more time than the 10 hours spent in meetings on average in the 1960s. A change of venue can energize employees, inspiring them to come up with new ideas and become a more cohesive team. Here are six benefits to renting a large meeting room away from your primary office space.

1. Generate New Concepts, Perspectives, and Problem-Solving

If employees are asked to continually perform the same functions in the same space day after day, they are likely to feel less energized and creative. A set routine might feel safe, but it inhibits thinking. Meetings in the same small meeting rooms can leave employees wondering what the purposes of the meetings are. But if you find a large meeting room for rent, it could provide an entirely different experience for your employees.

Sometimes, when you’re trying to work out a problem at your desk, you just can’t seem to produce solutions. If you get up for your desk and stop for a chat in another department, you might return to your desk with the answer that was staring you in the face all along. The same principle is at work when you gather employees in a large meeting room away from your office. A different space can help them envision obstacles and issues in new ways.

2. Increase Productivity and Focus

In meetings at your regular office space, employees have to try and shut out distractions: thinking about the paperwork piled on their nearby desks, hearing phone conversations from the next room, watching the traffic on the street below the window. A large meeting room away from your office allows employees to relax, inviting a more creative headspace. They’ll be more attentive and productive.

3. Engage Employees and Inspire Collaboration

Business gatherings should be opportunities for team building and for engaging employees. They bring personnel in remote positions together with onsite workers, introducing employees who work at different sites. A large meeting room offers ample space for workers to mingle and get to know each other. The unfamiliar space promotes the idea that this is a special gathering, not just another meeting. Employees are more likely to feel valued and will therefore be more likely to collaborate.

4. Offer Amenities

If you rent a large meeting room for your next strategy meeting or holiday get-together, you’ll be able to offer employees a host of amenities, including more advanced technology. The conference rooms at your office may have sufficient tech available, but newer devices and capabilities can help you be more creative in your presentations. If you enliven presentations with items like projectors, smart boards, and plasma screens, you’ll be more likely to engage employees, and your meetings will be more productive.

5. Offer Enough Space for All

Your current conference room might be so small that employees have to sit too close, with no room to move. Or you might not even have enough seating for everyone, in which case some employees are required to stand over people sitting at the table. These situations tend to make participants eager for the meeting to be over. If your company doesn’t have a meeting room of sufficient size or lacks a meeting room altogether, you can rent a large meeting room that allows every participant to sit comfortably and feel like a part of the team.

6. Spend Less than on a Hotel Conference Room

A space in a meeting room rental company is a great alternative to meeting rooms in hotels or a room you rent by the month. A meeting room rental company can offer you enough space at half the cost of hotel meeting rooms and provides all the amenities you need.

It can be hard to inspire employees to attend meetings. If you offer them a comfortable space away from the distractions and familiarity of your regular office, you’ll create a more productive, dynamic atmosphere. Contact our team today for a consultation.