Nevada is one of the largest states in the country, with over 3 million residents as of 2019! One of the great things about Nevada is that there are ample opportunities for business owners to interact with their community and tourists.

As a business owner, we know how important it is for you to get your business off the ground running. What better way than to enjoy virtual and executive offices in Nevada? At ViewPointe, we offer offices for both virtual and in-person businesses. We’re here to help you be one of the many growing startups in Henderson and Las Vegas!

Why Nevada Offices Succeed

If you have a business office in Las Vegas or Henderson, you’re in luck! Henderson is now considered one of the best places to launch a startup, according to Fundera, an online loan broker. In addition to Henderson, tourists, regular locals, and clients from all over the world can enjoy visiting your office in person in Las Vegas. The offices are only a stone’s throw away from the McCarran airport. This means your clients flying in won’t have to travel far to meet you and work with your business.

Benefits of Virtual and Executive Offices

If you run your own business, setting up an office and maintaining it can be costly. Nowadays, most businesses are run virtually, making full-time office spaces less ideal. Instead of paying high overhead costs to run an office, you can use that money to input into your business! If you’re a startup, you might not be able to afford the average price per square foot for commercial property in Las Vegas, which was $179.13 per square foot at midyear 2019.

Not to worry. With ViewPointe, you can still have a virtual business that still appears professional to clients. You have access to live secretaries and have access to a conference room when you need it! If you run your business partly from home, our executive offices will also help you with on-site large office spaces, 24/7 access, and gorgeous views of the Las Vegas expanse.

Choosing the right offices can be difficult. Fortunately, ViewPointe gives you options so your startup can get off the ground running!